How Stephen King Almost Threw Away His Most Successful Book

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Stephen King and his wife Tabitha King were living in a trailer west of Bangor. He was an English teacher at the time. He started to write Carrie at the age of 26 years old.


Stephen King's

How Carrie Came To Be

Stephen King saw a sanitary dispensary while cleaning a girls locker room. He also read a while back an article in Life magazine about telekinetic abilities in young adults.

How Carrie Came To Be (continued)

He connected the two dots and an idea was born of a young girl who has telekinetic powers which are manifested during her adolescence.

Carrie Was Thrown Into The Trash

Stephen King did not like where the idea was going and the story seemed to short for him to publish in a magazine where has was getting published the most often so far. So he threw away the first manuscript of Carrie.

How Carrie Was Saved

His wife, Tabitha King, found the script in the trash and read it. She thought that it had potential and encouraged Stephen to finish the book, as he has described in his memoirs.

Carrie was initially rejected by over 30 publishers because they did not want to publish science-fiction novels which were negative.

Carrie Rejected Initially

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