Vampires Never Get Old: Top 5 Stories

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Follow Jolene, a cheerleader and a vampire slayer. Her group picks up a bus of classmates who have broken down nearby. One of them is a mysterious girl, one who piques both Jolene’s curiosity, and her fear.

Senior Year Sucks

Written as a literal guidebook app meant to help a newly sired Indian vampire adapt to their new afterlife. Discover the Vampersand app on your phone to help you navigate your newfound bloodlust.

A Guidebook for the Newly Sired Desi Vampire

Vampires Never Say Die

Brittany throws a party for her new found love: Theolinda. What she does not anticipate, is that the part guests are all vampires. A great mix of relationships, vendettas and vampire politics.

Follow Bea Turner as she unlocks her mother’s secrets and the mystery of the Shadow Barons. Worlds hidden within worlds make for the best kinds of stories to get lost in.

The House of Black Sapphires

First Kill

Juliette is an insecure vampire teen looking to make her first human kill. She sets her sights on Calliope. But not all is as it seems...

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