Is that the sun I’m seeing outside? Green grass, flowers blooming and a warm breeze in the air? We all know what that means: weekends at the cottage, dips in the ocean, and getting swept up in a good book under a big umbrella. It’s beach reads season! There’s something about this time of year that makes even the biggest procrastinators pick up that bestseller that’s been eyeing them disapprovingly from their bookcase. 

Beach Reads Season in Full Swing

Diving into a new read while soaking up some rays is one of the most appealing activities to this reader, and year after year of summer bestsellers tells me that others feel the same way.

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Sunshiny Stories: Beach Reads For Everyone

So what’s the best part of beach reads season, you ask? Is it the sun, the sand, the clear blue water? I mean, it’s all of those things really. However, it’s also the great diversity of novels present during the season, and what beach reads season means to every reader. Will you decide to pick up a steamy romance? Maybe a tight psychological thriller full of intrigue. If you’re spending a couple of weeks by the lake, that brick of a fantasy novel you’ve been meaning to get to. Everyone has a different definition – a large part of what makes beach reads so fun.

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Cover of Beach Reads by Emily Henry

This month at Fully Booked, we’ll be taking a look at books that are the perfect addition for your fun in the sun. No matter your preference, this is the time of year to take a good long look at your TBR and say “dear god, where am I supposed to start with this?”. Maybe you’ll grab the cover that speaks to you the most, or the bestseller you never got around to last year. Or maybe you’ll just block out the image of an overflowing book cart and head to the nearest bookstore or library to peruse the shelves until you’ve found your next great read. Sometimes it’s better to just start from scratch. I speak from experience here.

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The Toll – A Southern Gothic Beach Read

For June, we’ll have recommendations for all types of bibliophiles: speed readers, slow and steady, and everyone in between. Get ready to find the next addition to your beach bag, and tons of summer reads for all. 

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Happy Reading!

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