In light of the recent review of Midnight Sun, and my mention that there are certain scenes I wish Stephenie Meyer would write from Edward’s perspective, I decided I would outline 5 scenes that I want to read from Edward’s perspective:

The Months Spent Away from Bella in New Moon

Having read Midnight Sun, I realized that Edward leaving Bella was planned well before New Moon. When Jasper tried to have her for afternoon snack, that was just the moment that triggered his plan into action, and he realized he could not keep making excuses to stay.

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Stephenie Meyer has a few extra scenes on her website, but I would like to really see what happened during those months from Edward’s perspective. He tells Bella that he spent time trying his hand at tracking, and that he travelled to different countries. Now that I have read Midnight Sun, I can only imagine what a worried mess he was during his time away.

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“I wasn’t hunting for food… I was actually trying my hand at… tracking. I’m not very good at it.”

WWII & Other Major Historical Events Since 1918

I want to hear all about World War II, JFK’s assassination, the Vietnam War, the Berlin Wall, Chernobyl, the Cold War, you name it, from the perspective of a character who can hear everyone’s thoughts. Imagine if Edward was present on the grassy knoll and heard what really happened; was it Oswald? Or was it a bigger conspiracy?

Did Edward and his brothers ever fight in any of the wars? Meyer could make a whole miniseries where Edward is investigating events that changed our history, learning the truth, and then agonizing over not being able to change any of it because he believes he should have died in 1918 and therefore cannot meddle. That would be entertaining to read. Maybe I will pitch it to her.

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Stephenie Meyer- Breaking Dawn Book Cover

The Honeymoon

We are all thinking it, I am just saying it. I want to know what Edward was thinking that first time they did the dirty. If I were to take a guess, I would assume he was basically having an internal meltdown worrying about hurting Bella, probably obsessing over details that are not relevant (re: the colours of the cars he stole when racing to get to Bella in Phoenix) and also being like “woah I have never done this before, I really hope I don’t kill Bella because this would be cool to do again, damn I have been missing out”. Something along those lines anyway, but with more sass and flair. I assume, given the details we learned in Midnight Sun, that Edward has heard the other Cullens at it for years.

“The Cullens’ enormous house was more crowded with guests than anyone would assume could possibly be comfortable”

The Encounter with the Volturi in New Moon

Edward does not only reflect on what another vampire’s powers are, but also how they work. It was very interesting to understand more about Alice and Jasper, so I would love to read more about how Jane’s powers work especially. It would be an added bonus to learn how all the others work too.

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Stephenie Meyer- New Moon Volterra Chapter
Stephenie Meyer- New Moon Volterra Chapter

When Others Arrive in Breaking Dawn

Basically, the same reason as above. There were so many vampires with different abilities in Breaking Dawn, I would love to know how it all works. I also want to know exactly how Bella’s gift manifests from Edward’s perspective.

Meyer has already said that she will not be writing any more stories from Edward’s perspective. I would imagine that it is quite a challenge to re-write your own work in a different voice to what was initially created. Still, we have two more Twilight novels to look forward to in the future!

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