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About Us - Literature for the casual bookworm in all of us

Fully Booked is all about stories. We’re not literary scholars, professors or published authors. We just spend our days with a book in our hands and we love to read, just like our bookworm readers. Big books, small books, some as big as your head… you get the idea. Getting lost in a fictional world is one of life’s great pleasures, and something that no film, television show or game can hold a candle to.
Now our love has finally spilled over, and we want to share it with you. What better way than through Fully Booked? We delve into novels, poetry, plays, and everything in between. All genres are welcome here. What we lack in scholarly prose we more than make up for in enthusiasm. We’re so thrilled that you’ve decided to join us; and if you’re not sure of where to start, simply begin at the beginning…


Here is the type of articles and content you will find on Fully Booked:


  • Book reviews: Our editors and contributors take the time to read the book and analyze the themes, story and characters of the book. After fully digesting the story, we then write a full review talking about the strengths, weaknesses and our personal opinion of the book. Some books are purchased by us, some are given by authors and publishing houses as ARCs and some are given by NetGalley.
  • Editorials: In our editorial content you will find well researched articles about books and literature. These are not limited to a specific genre and dive deeper into the subject of the article to uncover valuable and interesting information.
  • Book Lists: Our recommendations of books are based on what our staff has read in the past, have on their TBR list or researched books which are interesting, anticipated and are at times different from the usual recommendations of the genre. We would never recommend a book we would not read or enjoy.


Further information on our staff can be found on their respective author pages.


As always; just keep reading…

Content Managers

meaghan fully-booked author
Meaghan is a tea fueled, sweet toothed horror movie addict, whose love of reading probably dates back to the womb. She loves Hocus Pocus references, reading outdoors on a chilly fall morning, and 90s cartoons.


You can usually find her bothering her cat or searching for scented candles. Her favourite books include Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides & The Witches by Roald Dahl.

Shirin loves literature so much that when she was 18, she actually moved to England to study it. She ended up working in a pub, but when she came back to Canada she completed her English degree.


While very different to Meaghan in some ways (keep the Horror movies away from her, and if you do make her watch one please ensure there are enough salt and vinegar chips to keep her occupied), she does share Meaghan’s enthusiasm for all things books, fall and tea.


She is currently trying to get her Wire Fox Terrier, Oswald, interested in books but so far he has just tried to chew them, so we might have to stick to real life adventures.


Arthur is a casual reader. Whereas Meaghan and Shirin can read a book within a day, Arthur is not that adept. He finished his first book much later in life, at the age of 13, but has never stopped reading since.


He loves everything that is horror and science-fiction. Read probably 90% of all Stephen King books and is trying to discover more and more science-fiction novels. Inspired by Stephen King and his style, Sochi also likes to write horror short stories.

emily s author profile pic2
Has a bird who tries to steal all of her snacks- even if she is currently eating them. Also still thinks being able to read chapter books in kindergarten makes her cool.
Antisocial, brings books to bars. Bought over a 100 books for her one year old child whom will be disowned if he does not grow up to be a book-lover.
Farisha’s favourite thing to do, in classic bibliophile style, is to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. She loves a good mystery, fantasy, folklore, adventure, romance, science fiction and the occasional non-fiction book. Since her love of travelling came to a halt, Farisha has become a “plant mum” to a quite a few plants (the count being somewhere around 40!). While tending to all her herbs, vegetables, little fruit trees, succulents, flowering plants, etc., on her apartment balcony down under, she dreams of being a writer someday.
Angela is a bookstagrammer who loves mystery thrillers and contemporaries with hard-hitting stories and twists. She takes comfort in taking book pictures, reading book reviews, and watching movie critiques. Her all-time favourite book is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. If you are wondering what she’s up to nowadays, she’s probably reading in search for her next favourite book.