What a time to go to school

Demons, Vampires, and magic— The three things any good school should have. Mix into it the school is full of angsty teenagers who like to use their power and you get an explosion of characters and interactions. Top it all off with a dark witch who doesn’t even know that dark witches are real, and you get Sophie Mercer. Welcome to Hex Hall, let class begin!

When someone tells you somebody’s been murdered, laughing is probably not the best response. You know, for future reference.
― Rachel Hawkins, Hex Hall

Light as a feather
Light as a feather

Hex Hall Summary

After a love spell gone wrong, Sophie Mercer finds herself being sent to a reform school called Hecate Hall, by non other than her dad (who she never met). Not only has Sophie went to school with humans her life but this school is a reform school for witches who can’t control their power.

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With in the first week she manages to meet a clique of dark witches who realize she has no interest in being in their coven turn on Sophie; then she also meets a handsome guy named Archer, who is dating the head of said clique. Don’t forget the other guy who is the grounds keeper and heals people —Cal.

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Her roommate is the only vampire in the whole school and the introduction to the first day of school is a slide show on how witches have been prosecuted by a group called the prodigium—and all the nasty things that go along with mass murder. But despite that, Sophie discovers she is liking her school, her new roommate and the two boys she met. Then her defence teacher takes it out on her because of who her dad is, and Sophie finds out where she comes from. 

Hex Hall Overview
Hex Hall By Rachel Hawkins

Don’t worry about it, I said. Hey werewolves gotta drool, vampires gotta eat..
― Rachel Hawkins, Hex Hall

My Thoughts

As I jumped into this series I was excited at first. It was a book about magic, school, vampires, a love triangle, and finding who you are— but as I dived in I was left a little disappointed. I would describe this book as perfect for the young adult. Some one was just ready to start reading young adult novels. I say this because it was not complex.

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You got to know really well the main character, but all the other characters were there just for the ride. You get a little snippet of each characters backgrounds but as you see a love triangle develop- you don’t get to read about all 3 sides. And just from Sophie’s point of view you really don’t hear anything from her other love interest Cal, who could have been an amazing character. He was chalked full of mystery and undeveloped potential.

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But he was just left there only called upon when he needed. It truly is like she is the hero and everyone else is a side kick. But as I mentioned before, this book is aimed for the true young adult. If I were to read this as a pre-teen I know I would not have the qualms I am having about the book now in my mid twenties.  As I read the series there was a moment when I thought she was going to make these books pop and dazzle, but that was there only for a moment. 

Overall I think the book was a good young adult novel that covered the basics on what you would want when reading. It has a good blend of paranormal activity and character development in the main character , Sophie. While the book was a little one sided on character development and coming of age — you still finished the book. It held intrigue and was a good what I call ‘in between book’; a book you read in between two books you are head over heels for. 

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  • Intriguing
  • Magical
  • Quirky


  • Generic
  • One sided
Character Development
Magical World

Final Verdict

A good book for the young part of young adult. Overall it was intriguing, but I was left wanting more.